About Us

EnBiotix, Inc. is a next-generation, engineered antibiotics company co-founded by Boston University and Apeiron Partners LLC and focused on developing and commercializing the antibacterial and antifungal discoveries of the laboratory of Prof James J. Collins.

The unmet medical need and the market opportunity in antibiotics are both very significant. Over the last 20 years, various bacteria have developed resistance to a wide variety of anti-bacterials, heralding the emergence of so-called "super-bugs": organisms which can cause life-threatening infections and which are susceptible to very few or no effective agents to treat them.

This emerging resistance by a variety of bacteria and fungi has unfortunately been poorly addressed by the scientific and the bio-pharmaceutical industry, with very few new agents and almost no new drug classes having been developed in the last 30 years. Still, the global market for anti-bacterial agents is estimated at ~$30 billion and expected to grow ~6% annually over the next several years.

EnBiotix is addressing this unmet need by developing and commercializing the work of Prof. James J. Collins of Boston University. Through the application of novel synthetic biology, systems biology and network biology approaches to elucidating antibiotic action and bacterial defense mechanisms, Prof. Collins has discovered transformational antibacterial and antifungal platforms which EnBiotix will further develop and commercialize for the benefit of patients, their families, treating physicians and healthcare delivery systems worldwide.

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