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Relapse of NTM Infection is Common and Eradication Difficult:

Estimated US NTM Prevalence
Percent of Patients 65 or older
Months of Antibiotic Treatment
  • NTM is a chronic, debilitating disease generating significant morbidity and mortality
  • NTM more prevalent than TB in the US
  • Highest incidence growth among patients aged 65+, a population expected to double by 2030

EBX-002 for NTM Treatment:

EBX-002 is a combination of amikacin (AMK) and a potentiator molecule (PTN) expected to be a superior treatment for persistent NTM infections versus amikacin alone. EBX-002 significantly enhances killing of bacterial persisters through a novel mechanism. Data already generated show >4 logs of enhanced killing of M. avium persisters with EBX-002 versus AMK alone.

Sales of currently approved inhaled amikacin products grew to $160M in 2020, less than two years after FDA approval. EBX-002 would offer a superior product at a competitive price