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A Critical Unmet Need in Cystic Fibrosis (CF):

CF Patients Worldwide
% Receive Tobramycin
Tobramycin Cost/Yr ($)
Median Age at Death

Chronic, Recurrent Lung Infections Associated with Early Mortality:

  • >80% of CF deaths attributable to progressive lung disease
  • Inhaled tobramycin is a cornerstone of CF therapy
  • Current antibiotic treatment fails to eradicate due to bacterial persisters

EBX-001 is a combination of tobramycin (TOB) with fumarate (as an antibacterial potentiator) for the eradication of P. aeruginosa (Pae) persisters. EBX-001 significantly enhances killing of Pae persisters through a novel proton-motive-force (PMF) generating mechanism. EBX-001 data show up to 6 orders-of-magnitude enhanced killing of Pae persisters over a range of CF isolates, including mucoid and non-mucoid strains, compared to TOBI alone, as well as complete eradication of Pae biofilms. EBX-001 is initially being developed for treatment of Pae infections in CF patients, although market expansion to non-CF bronchiectasis (nCFBE) and COPD is envisioned.

Dose-dependent fumarate potentiation on TOB sensitivity in Pae non-mucoid & mucoid CF isolates

 Eradication of Pseudomonas mucoid and non-mucoid CF isolate colony biofilms  

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