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A Critical Unmet Need in a Dynamic Clinical Market:

CF Patients Worldwide
% Receive Tobramycin
Tobramycin Cost/Year ($)
Median CF Survival (yrs)

Chronic, Recurrent Lung Infections are Biggest Mortality Driver:

  • Up to 85% of CF patients develop chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections by age 18-25
  • Inhaled antibiotics approved to treat such patients include tobramycin, a cornerstone of CF therapy
  • Persistent infections require regular antibiotic treatments, which fail to completely eradicate infections

EBX-001 combines tobramycin with a metabolite potentiator as a novel inhaled treatment, with broad IP coverage covering the product combination and the indication.  Through a sponsored research collaboration with Sam Moskowitz’s laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital (a leading global cystic fibrosis group), EBX-001 will be in the clinic within ~18 months

In-vitro data shows up to four-log-order improvement in killing efficacy compared to tobramycin alone

Mouse bronchitis model shows similar efficacy in vivo