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A Novel Tool to Salvage Infected Prosthetic Joints:

Prosthetic Joints Implanted per Year (US/EU)
Prosthetic Joint Infections (PJIs) per Year
Percent of Joint Salvage Attempts Failing
Annual US PJI Treatment Cost by 2020 ($)

Using EBX-003 to Break Up Biofilms and Eradicate PJIs:

  • PJIs are difficult to treat with antibiotics alone due to bacterial biofilms
  • Biofilms prevent physical access to infecting bacteria by antibiotics result in increased tolerance to antibiotics and altered bacterial metabolism
  • EPP-001 incorporates biofilm-degrading enzyme payloads into optimized natural bacteriophages
  • Delivered to infection sites, EBX-003 significantly decreases recovery of viable bacteria 10,000-fold over untreated infections, and 100-fold over natural phage (based on in vitro data).

EBX-003 is a “Trojan Horse” for Biofilms in a Positive Feedback Loop