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Best of Both Worlds: Broad-Spectrum Eradication With a Clean Safety Profile:

US VAP Cases/Year
% of ALL ICU ABX used for VAP
Healthcare Costs Per Case ($)

Critical Unmet Need in High-Mortality Indication:

  • 120K-220K VAP cases per year in the US, another 200K in the EU totals over 300K
  • High VAP mortality rate relative to other infections (35-50%)
  • Survivors have dramatically worse patient outcomes
  • >25% reinfection rate with a mean time of ~21 days
  • Antibiotic stewardship: >50% of all antibiotics used in the ICU are for treating VAP

EnBiotix antimicrobial peptides potentially address three major issues in current standard of care:

  • Treatment urgency requires empiric therapy, where a novel broad spectrum (Gram- & Gram+) would be useful
  • Resistant Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter and KPC require a new class of antibiotic to overcome resistance
  • Pulmonary delivery addresses high variability of drug distribution between blood & lungs by systemic administration