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Machine Learning Platform

Turning Bio Big Data into Big Results

Despite the explosion of transcriptomic and other -omic data in recent years, the tools to turn these resources into testable hypotheses to validate targets for clinical therapeutics have not kept pace

EnBiotix’s proprietary Machine Learning Platform integrates a highly optimized, proprietary software platform with our unique expertise at looking across data sets to generate:

  • A quantitative prioritization of the pathway importance and relative strengths of key gene interactions
  • A holistic view enabling generation of testable hypotheses

This in-depth understanding of complex system and disease states has been validated through a successful collaboration with a multinational company

Breakthrough technology significantly reduces the number of target candidates that need to be probed experimentally to determine mechanism of action and identify high-value targets for novel therapies

EnBiotix’s Machine Learning techniques have been published in:


In 2014, EnBiotix has presented our Novel Computational Approach for Gene Network Identification at: