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Better Bacteriophage: Turning Natural Phages into Infections’ Worst Enemy

Natural Bacteriophages are Specialized Bacteria-Killers

Bacteriophages are naturally-occurring viruses that only infect bacteria and not humans.  They self-replicate inside the bacteria, harnessing bacterial machinery for DNA and protein synthesis and ultimately killing the bacteria by lysis of the cell

Bacterial Biofilms Protect Bacteria from Effects of Antibiotics

Bacteria protect themselves from antibiotics by secreting biofilms, creating a physical barrier as well as altering their metabolism within the biofilm to increase their tolerance to antibiotic action

Engineering Bacteriophages Overcomes Mechanisms of Tolerance

Engineering bacteriophages to carry designed payloads adds anti-bacterial functionality to phage therapy beyond direct lysis of the cell. By combining multiple anti-bacterial modalities, mechanism-of-action & efficacy of antibiotics can be improved, even towards bacteria not directly infected by phage.

Phage Flexibility: Multiple Modalities

Engineered Enzymatic Phage

Enzyme payloads for degrading biofilms

Engineered Antibiotic Potentiating Phage

Neutralizing mechanisms of bacterial resistance to antibiotics

Engineered Antimicrobial Peptide (AMP) Phage

Hijack bacteria to manufacture and release AMPs

Phage Flexibility: Many Therapeutic Indications

Prosthetic Joint Infections

Wound Infections

Pneumonia and VAP

Cystic Fibrosis

Acne/Skin Care

Oral Health