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Transformational Antibacterial Target Validation via Tunable Degradation:

  • Unprecedented validation of essential & non-essential targets
  • Significant advance over genetic-knockouts or anti-sense silencing
  • Functional assessment of targets and pathways in vitro and in vivo
  • Determines inhibition level required to achieve desired phenotype
  • Assesses target vulnerability without need for chemical inhibitor
  • Enables “target-based” whole cell screening with TTD-modified strains

Proof-of-Concept Data for Precise Control of Target Steady-State Levels:

  • A TTD-modified E. coli Essential Gene Library
  • Used to identify highest value biological targets for novel anti-infectives
  • Broadly applicable to other bacterial species and strains

Integration with MINE-AI Systems Biology platform has potential to redefine antibacterial drug discovery